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Nervous patients Feeling comfortable with the right dentist

Nervous patients Ipswich

It doesn't matter how scared you are of the dentist, you'll feel completely at ease here.

Particularly if you are a nervous patient we go out of our way to make you feel comfortable with all treatments. Your initial consultation will simply be a chat to explain the different ways we can help you.

You are not alone 60% of the population have some form of fear and anxiety about the dentist. In some cases this can be so severe it can cause "dental phobia" in many nervous patients in Ipswich. This can have a negative impact on your dental health, especially if you haven’t had your teeth checked for some time.

GB Dental will work to make you feel as comfortable as possible. We'll listen to your needs and concerns, as well as looking your dental wellbeing. Please be assured that we will answer any questions that you have, and discuss treatments with you so that you fully understand what will happen before we start any treatment.

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