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Dentures Improve your confidence about dentures Ipswich

Many people think Dentures have been left behind in the cosmetic world! Its not so, in fact using the latest technology Dentures Ipswich can create the ultimate smile makeover.

Dentures Ipswich are removable false teeth made by acrylic, nylon or metal. They fit snugly over the gums to replace missing teeth and eliminate potential problems caused by gaps. A good set of dentures helps you eat, speak, function, and often improves a person’s appearance.

Gaps left by missing teeth can cause problems with eating and speech, and teeth either side of the gap may grow into the space at an angle. Sometimes, all the teeth need to be removed and replaced.

You may therefore need either:

Complete dentures a full set - which replace all your upper or lower teeth, or Partial dentures - which replace just one or a few missing teeth.


Will my eating habits need to change?

There are very few eating restrictions for denture wearers, once you get used to wearing them. However dentures are mere substitutes and not as efficient as real teeth. If you experience eating difficulties at any time, it is important to contact your dentist. Poor-fitting dentures can contribute to eating difficulties. Dentures that fit right are vital for enjoying a well-balanced diet that includes a wide assortment of foods.

Will my new dentures last a lifetime?

Dentures are very durable but that doesn’t make them indestructible. They can discolour, chip, break and bend out of shape. With good care, affordable dentures should last for many years. Here are some tips for maintaining the appearance and extending the life of your denture:

  • Brush your dentures with toothpaste or soap and water before soaking them to remove food particles.
  • Soak them in a fizzy solution of denture-cleaning tablets to remove stains and bacteria (follow the manufacturer’s instructions).
  • Brush them again, as you would your normal teeth (but don’t scrub them too hard).
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