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Tooth Whitening SPECIAL OFFER – Tooth Whitening 180.00

Brighten up your smile with our TeethWhitening Special Offer! ONLY £180.00

For this you will receive three visits.

Appointment 1 – The first visit we will take impressions of your teeth and have a chat about whitening your teeth.

Appointment 2 – Two weeks later  we have the second appointment where we give your teeth a thorough clean and polish and fit the bleaching trays.

Appointment 3 – Two weeks later after the second appointment we have a short review on just to see how things are progressing.

(And you will receive four tubes of bleach supplied with this offer)

Call us today on  01473 206987 and book your appointment

Tooth Whitening is a safe and effective way of improving the appearance of your smile without causing any pain. Teeth whitening treatments can transform the appearance of the teeth in a matter of hours and give you a bright healthy smile.

Over the course of time, the natural whiteness of the teeth can fade and our day-to-day lifestyle, habits and diet can have an impact on the colour of the teeth. Our whitening treatments can help restore the natural whiteness of the teeth, boosting your confidence and giving you a smile to be proud of.

Benefits of Tooth Whitening

  • Proven track record, we have been bleaching teeth for over a number of years, we have tried many different methods and products and we know what really works.
  • Our methods are safe and gentle.
  • Teeth Whitening removes stubborn stains
  • Teeth whitening Boosts self-esteem

The procedure

Vital teeth are bleached by application of the teeth whitening substance to the external surface of the teeth. The whitening procedure will first be carried out in the dental surgery, and then at home. This involves the use of 16% material called carbamide peroxide, applied in a custom made tray for a certain number of hours per day or during sleep, for up to 14 days. Treatment is carried out by the patient him/herself, but the dentist monitors the process. A change is noticeable usually within two weeks but the process can be carried on for longer. Darker brown discolouration may take longer and may not change completely.

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Make An Appointment
We take your privacy very seriously and will never share your information

If you would like to find out about any of our treatments please call 01473206987
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